Nathaniel Roberson

  • Master of inversions
  • Meditates 2 hours a day
  • His Kryptonite: Carrot Cake
Nathaniel has always been active. After playing baseball for 19+ years he transitioned into the martial art Tae Kwon Do, practicing and teaching the art for over 12 years in Des Moines, Iowa. After those many years of training he was able to earn himself the ranking of 3rd Degree Black Belt. He started his yoga practice in 2013, and became certified in Power Vinyasa in May 2014 before moving out to San Diego. What drives him in life is passing on the knowledge and positivity yoga has brought to him. He has achieved this by teaching over 12 Inversion and Arm Balancing workshops through-out San Diego.
 His classes are always technical, creative, and challenging, giving them the perfect balance for any skill level.