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Jesse Taylor, BJJ coach at The BXNG Club

Jesse Taylor


Coach Jesse is a world-renowned coach with a wide range of experience and accolades. His fun and kind demeanor is accompanied by hard training styles & knowledge. He is a black belt in BJJ, extensive kinesiology background, and is a world champion. Jesse’s fitness and love of sports began with wrestling and MMA. He fought professionally for 20 years and began diving into coaching while studying kinesiology. Jesse has trained and learned from many masterminds all over the world and brings that into his training. Boxing fundamentals, MMA and functional training, fight prep, core conditioning, yoga, and anything movement-related are incorporated into Jesse’s style of training. He is consistently learning new fitness concepts and ways to better his training style. Jesse has taught seminars worldwide and loves to share his knowledge.

Training Emphasis | Tier 3
Fun Facts
  • ISSA Certified
  • 9 world titles
  • Fight record: 41-16
  • Rancho Bernardo