Hayden Adams


Coach Hayden prioritizes building a strong mindset with a burning discipline and focuses on specific goals. With his own personal weight loss journey, Hayden highlights a level of understanding and resonating. Coach Hayden lost over 100 pounds in one year. He creates a coaching style that is individualized and customized - with a heavy focus on functional training, mobility, and working with injuries. His easy-going personality allows Hayden to be a motivating and approachable coach with a major emphasis on structure, technique, and being goal-oriented. Efficiency and discipline are top priorities when training with Coach Hyaden and there is definitely always room for fun + improvement. Also - In N Out has and always will be a Coach Hayden staple.

Training Emphasis | Tier 1
Fun Facts
  • Ace Certified Personal Trainer
  • Personal massive weight loss journey
  • Paintballer
  • Rancho Bernardo