Danijela Knezevic

  • Full of energy
  • Rock hard ABs
  • Social Butterfly
Dani loves being active and trying new things. She has a full time job in real estate but LOVES teaching fitness classes and working out, so it makes a perfect combo. She really loves seeing people reach their fitness goals and get a great sweat when in class when she teaches (that is her main goal for every class).
She is super high energy and all about passing on her positive vibes in class. It is so important to her that her clients walk into a studio with a good attitude and a smile on their face, because this shows her that they want to be there and are excited. If it is an early class or people are still waking up, she is  going to pump them up and get them ready for their workout. They are going to leave her class feeling happy that they made it in and will rock the rest of their day! 
Training Emphasis | Tier 1: 
Spin & Fitness