Chano Valentin

Chano Valentin

  • Plays the drums, violin, and guitar

  • Loves a challenge


Chano’s love for martial arts began as a love for self-defense and the incredible challenge that never lets up. From the beginning, Chano saw martial arts as a way to become the best version of himself. He chose being a trainer as a career because he wants to be a part of the journey for other people to become the best versions of themselves. He genuinely enjoys what he does and can honestly say that it is the first time in his life that he loves his job. His style of training consists of lots of focus on technique while incorporating massive amounts of cardio. He isn’t one to back down from a challenge. Chano is multi-faceted and loves rock, metal, and classical music. Chano used to compete but found that his true passion resides in teaching others.


Training Emphasis | Tier 2:

Boxing & Muay Thai