Chancen Bateman


Coach Bateman brings an eclectic background to BJJ and training. He is known for being the type of coach who trains hard and has the most fun doing it! Coach Bateman brings a foundational approach to training and to all levels - even those who are seasoned BJJ practitioners. Priding himself on the basics and uniquely utilizing them for power, Coach Bateman also approaches BJJ and training as a means for strength, fun, and self defense. Self defense initially sparked Coach Chancen’s interest in BJJ and since then, it has grown into a lifestyle and career. He brings the power of BJJ into every day and has mastered the art of expanding one’s BJJ knowledge through words and drills. He is also a big fishing guy, enjoys hikes and bringing BJJ to all clients.

Training Emphasis | Tier 2
Fun Facts
  • 10+ years in corporate hospitality management
  • Sushi and iced tea
  • Multi IBJJF Champion
  • Rancho Bernardo