Catia Bezerra

Catia Bezerra

  • AKA "Cat"
  • Fluent in Spanglish
  • Sassy and classy

Catia's fitness career started by accident. She got a scholarship to study at a university in Brazil. When she was studying she was indecisive between picking Psychology or  Physical Education as her degree. She chose Physical Education without knowing exactly what could to expect from this career. She was sure that she made the right choice after falling in love for physical fitness. As an empathetic listener with lots of experience, Catia feels that trait is very important in helping her clients achieve their goals fast. She always makes sure to be very attentive while training and paying close attention to their needs.  She wants make sure that they always have proper form and breathing. This way she can also help them to develop body awareness. She is most proud of completing her NASM certification because of the language barrier. With 600 pages to read and many words she had never heard before it was a huge undertaking, but she couldn't be happier about making fitness her career.

 Her motto is, "Do the best that you can!”


Training Emphasis | TIER 2:
General Fitness & Pilates