Arturo Medina


Coach Arturo is a fun, no-nonsense type of coach and known for being the type of coach that will make you feel better, faster, stronger and smarter athlete. Coach Arturo has a slew of certifications in personal training, TRX, kettlebells, tactical conditioning, and strength & conditioning. As a former studio owner, Arturo brings another level of expertise to training sessions and has experience with different personalities, goals, needs, etc. Arturo is known for being a practical and efficient coach with a personality. Coach Arturo is notorious for allowing clients to learn about investing in themselves, training and what can come from that investment. He also trains movements, rather than muscles with an old-school mentality - a science guy who likes to help others lift heavy, punch strong, and everything in between.

Training Emphasis | Tier 1
Fun Facts
  • Terrible comedian
  • Tacos and Whiskey
  • Nap guy
  • Rancho Bernardo