Yoga Classes in Kearny Mesa

Tie together your fitness experience with having access to everything combat arts and fitness in the same place. TBC Kearny Mesa is where you will be able to do it all. Turn up the intensity on your workouts by deepening your yoga practice to increase flexibility and mental/physical strength. 

Why Do Yoga in Our Studio?


- Experienced and passionate instructors 
- Intentionally designed classes 
- Increase flexibility and strength
- Boost confidence 
- Improve mental health
- Help reduce stress



Our Yoga Classes in Kearny Mesa



What to Expect in Your Yoga Lessons

Vinyasa Flow is designed to bring you through continuous breath and body movement work simultaneously. No two classes are ever alike and Vinyasa helps to a more balanced body that prevents injuries. The breath is used as a connection to our bodies and mind. 


Yoga for Beginners to Advanced

Our yoga classes in Kearny Mesa are created to help balance out your life and your workouts. New and advanced yogis are welcome to build a community of support, understanding and dedication to the mind and body. Kearny Mesa yoga classes are structured to bring what you need out of each session.  

Your Free Yoga Class

Step into TBC magic and join us for a yoga class in Kearny Mesa tailored to you. You will have access to our world-class facility, meet with your instructor, and take a 60-minute yoga class that focuses on the power of the mind, body, and spirit as a supplement to your other types of training or life. 




Our Yoga Instructors


We’re striving to bring the ultimate yoga vibe in Kearny Mesa. Our insanely passionate and experienced instructors are able to make yoga accessible to all levels and needs. Kearny Mesa instructors will guide you through breathwork, body movement that allows you to learn about your body, and meditation. 



Yoga FAQs

No! But we have a feeling that if you continue to come to yoga class, you will become more flexible.
It can always be tricky getting back into the game. We are focused on bringing a class that is tailored to all of our members.
Yoga is different from stretching or warming up by utilizing body movement sequences and breathing techniques to create a mind-body connection.
Yes! We love when our members cross train. Our yoga classes are included in your membership.
If you would like to bring your own mat, we encourage you to do that. If not, we have some mats that are available. We recommend bringing water to stay hydrated. Oh.. and yourself!
We want to make sure that you are nourished before class; however, it is best to leave some time to digest before class. It usually recommended waiting an hour or so after eating before taking a yoga class.
You should wear whatever feels most comfortable for you. We usually recommend regular athletic clothes that are comfortable for you.
You are encouraged to do whatever you’d like during class. Some instructors will include focus on breath or other meditative practices. You do what is comfortable for you, but we do ask you to challenge yourself to do something out of your comfort zone!

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