Spin Classes in East Village/Downtown

You ready to ride? Get on a bike at TBC East Village in Downtown San Diego and you’ll take yourself far. Our incredible spin instructors and top quality bikes help to keep you pedaling. For those who are wanting to try something new or those who are experienced riders, we welcome you to ride it all out with everything you’ve got. The time to get on a bike is now. When you don’t think you can keep pedaling, we’ll make sure you do.

Why Do Spin in Our Studio?


- Well-trained and experienced instructors 
- Improve cardiovascular fitness & endurance
- Supplement combat arts training
- Fun & confidence booster 
- Reduce stress



Our Spin Classes in East Village/Downtown



What to Expect in Your Spin Sessions

You’ve never experienced Spin in Downtown San Diego like this. With the dimmed lights and blacklights on, our spin classes in East Village begin with the beat of the music and a warm up to get the heartrate up there. Expect to ride some intervals and hills along with steady pacing that will keep you sweating throughout the ride.



Spin for Beginners to Advanced

We are proud to bring Spin to another level in Downtown San Diego. You can expect to push yourself during your Spin ride. If you need to turn up the challenge, you are able to adjust your tension on the bike or if you need to take it down, you can turn your tension lower. Our instructors emphasize that it is vital to have proper form on the bike and that it is YOUR ride: you make it what you want. Show us what you’re made of, Downtown SD!  

Your Free Spin Class

Your first class will include a tour and access to our world-class facility in Downtown San Diego! You’ll get some one-on-one time with your instructor to talk about any injuries, goals, or anything that will make your Spin experience everything you want it to be. Next thing you know, you’ll be pedaling your way into potential with incredible music and energy. You will have 45 minutes to ride it out with your instructor guiding you through breathing, form, speed, and resistance. 





Our Spin Instructors


Our special and extremely educated Spin instructors in Downtown San Diego know what it means to work and how to help you put in the work. They will take you through a ride while teaching you about the mind, body, and spirit.



Spin FAQs

Spin classes are included in your membership fee! 
Login to your TBC account and book a bike - EASY!
Our East Village (near Downtown San Diego) location is home to our spin classes.
It will vary per person, but you’re looking approximately at 500-800 calories per class!
In the beginning, it could take some time to get used to the seat. We’ve all been there. You can wear padded shorts or bring a cushioned seat. Usually, this only lasts a short while for most and take extra steps are usually unnecessary.
The experience is YOURS! You know your body better than anyone else. It’s your ride - so adjust accordingly. Increase or decrease the resistance to whatever you need to push yourself (within reason!).
You do not need cycling shoes in order to take a class nor do we have shoes to rent. If you decide to join us for cycling classes regularly, we do recommend investing in some cycling shoes.

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