Pilates in East Village/Downtown

Unlock your potential when you make TBC East Villageyour sanctuary. Mix together insane workouts of all kinds and unmatched fun. Our Pilates instructors make sure to help you supplement your goals, other forms of training and pay close attention to any injuries that you may have. Our Pilates classes are designed for YOU and you won’t find anything else like it in East Village!

Why Do Pilates in Our Studio?


- Highly experienced instructors 
- Top-quality Pilates equipment 
- Strengthen core
- Increase flexibility and posture
- Reduce stress



Our Pilates Classes in East Village/Downtown



What to Expect in Your Pilates Lessons

In East Village, we make sure to bring it. The beauty of Pilates is that it is designed for the elite athlete, our older crew, and anyone who is interested in getting stronger. Our Pilates classes in East Village focus on the mind-body connection with thousands of breathing and body exercises with modifications. This whole-body and mind fitness routine will have you asking why you didn’t incorporate this into your training sooner. 





Pilates For Beginners to Advanced

We love the flexibility that Pilates offers as a class (pun intended). Pilates is extremely diverse and in East Village, we make sure to utilize the thousands of different exercises and modifications available to make your class unique and special to you. We are able to lay down the foundation of Pilates for you if you are a newcomer, turn it up if you’re intermediate, and really challenge you if you’re a Pilates pro. 


Your Free Pilates Class

We are proud to say that our Pilates classes in East Village stand strong on their own. You will get to unlock your true potential and new sanctuary with the real TBC experience and a Pilates class filled with intentional breathing, core work, and body exercises that highlight our smaller muscles. 






Our Pilates Instructors


Our Pilates instructors in East Village are unbelievably passionate about helping you become stronger, both mentally and physically. With the utmost knowledge and ability to support you and your goals, your Pilates instructor will be able to tailor a program designed just for you.



Pilates FAQs

Our Pilates instructors will be there right along with you to make sure that you begin to make the mind-body connection and complete the exercises at your own pace. 
We usually recommend that you wear more form fitting athletic wear or whatever feels most comfortable for you.
We usually recommend 15-20 minutes or so to allow yourself ample time to store your belongings and get into the mindset for class!
You will burn calories during Pilates, yes! However, the main focus of Pilates is combining working on your breathing, stretching, and strengthening the body as a whole.
Pilates machines are a little intimidating, for sure. But we think you’ll soon find them empowering and less scary as you learn your way around them. It’s ironic because these machines can help you feel so strong!
Great question! Visit your front desk for more information.


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