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best spin classes in san diego

One room, one mission, unlimited potential - Our bikes take you places.

Train for the hills, sprints, intervals, and cardio blast with the best spin classes in San Diego! Our spin classes are designed to be low-impact, high results with a focus on building overall cardiovascular endurance while upping conditioning at the same time. With a dedicated spin studio filled with bikes, special lighting and sound system, our expert instructors help you tune in with your body and specially curated playlists. It’s time to clip in and zone out. Spin meets San Diego.

Why Do Spin in Our Studio?


- Top-quality equipment to give you a solid foundation 
- Supportive community that never lets up
- Incredible playlists that keep you moving 
- Boost your confidence and endurance to another level each ride



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What to Expect in Your Spin Sessions

What to Expect in Your Spin Sessions

Your spin instructor will guide each class through directing your attention to form, breathing, resistance, and speed. You have 45 minutes to go all out and get inspired by our instructors. Our instructors are there during every hill, climb, or interval. Get lost in the beat of the music and the almost indescribable energy in the room. 



Spinning to Build Cardiovascular EnduranceSpinning to Build Cardiovascular Endurance

Indoor spin classes are notoriously challenging and for good reason. Spin classes encourage endurance and conditioning training by keeping heart rate high for a consistent amount of time while repeatedly exerting force to muscles when pedaling against resistance. This calorie burning workout is a great addition to combat arts training to switch it up while keeping that heart rate high, encouraging strength gains and loss of fat.  

Your Free Spin Class

Your Free Spin Class

Schedule your first free-class for the ultimate spin experience in San Diego and never look back! You will get the full experience of personalized attention from instructors, top knotch equipment, and a workout that will make you question why you didn’t start sooner. You will be introduced to the physical and mental health benefits of spin as well as TBC magic. 





Our Spin Instructors


Our legendary instructors each have their own style, but bring the inspiration and power to each class. These instructors will lead the pack but help make you want to do the work. We recommend arriving 20-30 minutes before class to get situated, meet your instructor, and go over proper form. TBC offers weekly group classes and 1-on-1 training is available if you just can’t seem to get enough of the bike. 



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