Activewear Trends of March '21
Mar 03, 2021
STAY ACTIVE, STAY TRENDY   While it may be easy and perhaps seem even logical to pick out an old t-shirt and overworn pair of leggings before heading out for a workout, it is even more logical to wear an activewear outfit that helps you harness your motivation and inner bad-ass. Right? Look good, feel better is totally a thing. Athlesiure blew up in 2020...
Best BJJ Fighters
Mar 01, 2021
Are you curious about who the GOATs of Jiu-Jitsu are? Maybe you’ve asked yourself ‘Who is the best BJJ fighter in the world?’ Becoming one of the greatest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighters of all time is something that only a handful of people will actually be able to achieve in their lifetime. One thing is for sure - those that do make it onto the best-of-all-...
Networking Tips
Feb 17, 2021
DO YOU EVEN NETWORK?    You’ve heard it all before. Meet everyone you can, get your foot in the door, create relationships, etc. Networking comes more natural for others and that’s *insert clap* okay *clap again*. Classic Stephen King once noted, “the scariest moment is always just before you start”. That first moment only lasts for seconds and then what...
Mindfulness Techniques from Pro Athletes
Feb 17, 2021
TECHNIQUES FROM THE PROS   Athletes, you need a mental toolbox. You need to have a wide-range of different mental techniques to help you excel and fufill your potential. Did you read that? Fufill your potential. This ain’t something to mess around with. Let’s get your mind right. You're in charge of training your craft, your mental regime, and working to...
phone eats first
Feb 17, 2021
Eating X Your IG FEED   If you’re on social media, you have probably seen the influx of food posts - massive influx of food posts over the last year. Food is definitely double-click worthy. These posts can range anywhere from artsy photos of meals when restaurants have been able to be open, updates with new recipies, or late-night food runs to somewhere (In...
3 Major Ways to Update Living Space
Feb 09, 2021
Amidst 2020 vibes and lifestyle running its course in 2021, we have learned the importance of our living space - whether that means working from home, having a more long-term guest, or simply utilizing the space we call home much more. In the thick of a pandemic or not, your home space may need an upgrade. We never thought something like this was possible...
BJJ - Best Forms Of Self-Defense
Jan 27, 2021
The practice of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) can be split into two distinct camps: sport and self-defense. It is important to understand the distinction and connectivity between the two. There is a profound history of BJJ and a newer definition of what BJJ has evolved into. BJJ has gained massive popularity over the last two decades and there are good reasons...
Is Aikido or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu the Martial Art for You?
Jan 22, 2021
Aikido and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) are two incredible martial art forms that developed from the same land  - Japan - but took on different physical and philosophical pathways. The article explores the origins, history, and current state of each martial art to help you decide upon which one to study. Aikido Origins Aikido is a martial art form that...
How Sore is Too Sore?
Jan 06, 2021
HOW SORE IS TOO SORE?    Muscle soreness is NORMAL - to an extent.  Have you ever had one of those workouts where you leave knowing that the next day you’re going to feel that extra set you did? We’ve certainly been there, especially with Coach Gio’s Power Boxing class. It’s a physical form of proof that you put in hard work and got your muscles doing...
Master the Rower
Jan 06, 2021
Master the Rower   Ahhh, the rower. Don’t be fooled by this machine just because you get to sit down while performing the exercise. Each rowing stroke activates 84% of our muscles. Yes, read that again - 84%. This includes your posterior chain as well aka your hammies, glutes, lats, and traps. But in order to get the most about the rower, you need to...
2020 Rewind
Jan 01, 2021
BYE 2020!   Okay - it’s here. It’s finally here. It’s time to say goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021. It’s fair to say that 2020 is probably the year that none of us we’re expecting and drafts of our current reality are being written for history books already. Some feel like 2020 has been the longest year while others question where the year went. Maybe...
3 Top Explosive Movements for Athletes
Jan 01, 2021
3 Top Explosive Movements for Athletes   Being an athlete is more than just being strong. We all love a good deadlift, squat, bench press, but c’mon - we know to be a good athlete you also have to be explosive and able to move. Humans were never designed to move with such little focus on explosiveness. It’s all about redirecting and re-designing movements...
TBC Takes It Outside FAQ's
Dec 04, 2020
Get ready… we’re expanding outside. Please keep in mind that policies, procedures, classes and hours of operations are subject to change. As we continue to perfect our outdoor operations to provide the best, safest experience possible this page will be updated to reflect our most up to date changes.   1. What should I expect classes to be like? You should...
Fitness Myths 2020
Dec 02, 2020
2020 has been… a lot. It has been a time of difficulty, learning moments and time to learn real truths. We thought we’d finish out 2020 with debunking some fitness myths so you can go into 2021 with better intentions and goals. You and your time are much too valuable.    Burning Fat = Cardio Time! Yes, cardio is a great way to burn fat and should be...
Tips for Healthy Eating Habits during Holiday Season
Dec 02, 2020
Let’s start this by acknowledging that the holidays bring different emotions, struggles, and experiences for everyone.  This can be in terms of relationships, food, money, etc. A large focus during the holiday season is food. Did someone say eggnog, pumpkin spice everything, and large quantities of indulgences.    Hey, life is too short for indulgences to...
5 Common Push Up Mistakes
Dec 02, 2020
Potentially one of the simplest and most effective bodyweight exercises out there would be the push-up. Regardless of its popularity and reputation, many people are making small to large mistakes in regards to their push up game that risks it all. It puts progress at risk as well pain and injury.    Elbows Elbows can be awkward and make it difficult to find...
Gifts for Fitness Enthusiasts
Dec 02, 2020
Alexa, call Santa… OR TBC!  We all love a good stocking stuffer, don’t we? Who would love an easier time shopping for those prime goodies for a loved one’s stocking? You can’t see, but we’re raising our hands real high. It can be so easy to pick out stocking stuffers that are redundant or seem rather… how do we put this nicely, cheap? By cheap, we don’t...
Nov 12, 2020
Books are still legit and you can keep studying Jiu-Jitsu even when you’re off the mat. There are plenty of awesome Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) books written by the Gracie family and other BJJ athletes to help you reach your potential. While BJJ can’t actually be learned from books, you can certainly learn a lot. It isn’t a substitute for going to class but...