You're Probably Running Wrong on the Treadmill

If we just ruined all those times when you got yourself on the treadmill when you didn’t want to, we are so sorry. But now, you’ll be able to make the next run better. 


Have you ever thought of your foot placement while running on the treadmill? If you haven’t, it’s one of the most simple ways to improve your running skill. It is important to make sure that your feet are able to be seen clearly when looking down. PRO TIP: be careful while trying to take a peek looking down (especially if you’re one of those who goes for intervals or sprints). If you are running too close to the center bar in front of you, you don’t have enough room to take full strides. This also encourages poor running habits and increases the impact on your body because you can’t rely as much on momentum when you are getting cut off. When the momentum is cut off and the impact is getting greater, this can lead to injuries such as plantar fascitiis, tendonitis, and ITB. No, thank you - right?



It may seem like common sense to begin running on a treadmill with toes forward. However, for some it may be a natural tendency to turn feet out or in (even just slightly). Your knees will be thankful if you put yourself into good habits. 



Running with good posture helps the rest of it. Engage the glutes and core while keeping the pelvis upright. You’ll also want to make sure that hip bones face forward. When the running becomes to be a little much, we can let our hips drop back and disengage the glutes. If you notice this tendency, make sure to correct it because it will help make a world of difference. It’s tough to keep proper form especially when tired - there’s no shame in slowing it down. 



It’s all in the swing. You will want to have a relaxed arm swing that is able to give some power. Avoid crossing arms in the midline of the body. It is easier to generate more power for your run with a back-to-back arm swing that avoids an abdominal twisting motion. Over time, that repeated movement could be too strenuous on the muscle groups and requires more energy. 



Once you have the form down, it is time to figure out a running / training plan. You'll be able to figure out how fast to run, how often, how long, etc. The best way to achieve your goals is to remember to be mindful of foot placement, posture and arm swing to ge tyourself from point A to point B (even on a treadmill).


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