Lacking motivation? Here’s what you should do.

The New Year is now in full swing as we near the end of January. The New Year’s “resolutionists” have come and gone, leaving behind the truly motivated, and the consummate regulars. Maybe you aren’t feeling as motivated as you would have hoped so early in the year. Maybe the built-in motivation of the New Year has started to fade. What should you do? How can you push past the lethargy and get back to a place that you are happy with? Don’t worry because we have some helpful tips for staying committed to your health and fitness.

Why did you start in the first place? Remember!

Maybe you put on some weight during the holidays, or you found yourself lacking energy. What prompted you to start working out? It’s important to remember why you started in the first place because keeping up with something you are already working towards is much easier than starting from scratch.

Try something different!

Are you stuck in a boring cycle of always doing the same thing when you workout? Swap the cardio for a Burn class, or give boxing a shot instead of kickboxing. Keeping yourself entertained and remember having fun goes a long way in making sure you stick with your overall fitness regimen.

Work with a personal trainer.

Nothing motivates you more than having a trained professional supporting and encouraging you to meet your fitness goals. The lessons and skills learned from personal training sessions are invaluable to a lifelong love of all things working out. They can teach you new techniques, proper form, and they will hold you accountable for the goals you set with them.

Set clear, well-defined goals.

This is so important, yet it is often overlooked or oversimplified. Set clear goals and make sure you have real tangible rewards. Goals like losing weight or looking better are vague to say the least. How do you know when you have achieved goals like this? Simple, you don’t! Set goals like lose 7 pounds, run 4 miles, or do 15 consecutive pull-ups. When you achieve them, reward yourself with a smoothie or a new piece of workout gear that you’ve been eyeing. 

Join or start a fitness challenge with a group of friends.

Another powerful motivational force is a group of friends all working towards a predetermined challenge. First person to hit 10 miles for the week gets a reward of their choice paid for by the rest of the group! The sky is the limit, find something that will really push your group to achieve success. Friendly competition goes a long way in kicking your butt into gear.

These are just a few easy ideas to push yourself past the February doldrums and keep that motivation going straight through to the summer months. We would love to hear any ideas you may have or things that have helped you stay motivated in the past, so make sure you hit us up on social media and we’ll feature your response!

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