Winter Skin Care


It’s cold outside and your skin is being cold to you too. Harsh winter weather can wreak havoc on your skin due to a decrease in moisture in the air. There’s even a scientific term for skin in the wintertime: Xerosis. It can be more difficult than normal to keep your skin smooth and hydrated when you combine an increase of winter chill, drops in humidity, and bump in use of heaters. That leads to our first tip. 


Invest in a humidifier to help lock in as much moisture in the air as possible. It makes the most sense to keep the humidifier in the space that you spend the most time in. 

Moisturize and look for products that contain lactic acid. It’s the most important thing you can do for your skin during the winter time. 

Keep your showers short and warm – not too long, not too hot. A shower that is too hot will allow for the moisture from your skin to dissipate and stay locked out. 

Apply moisturizer right after showering and make sure it’s thiccccccc(k).

Moisturize multiple times a day but only wash once a day - Don’t get them twisted. 

Skip the toner, moderation is key. 

Antioxidants Serum: You won’t regret it. 

Sunscreen: Even on the gloomiest of days, you will want to protect your skin from those harmful rays. Don’t let them trick you into thinking they aren’t relevant when it’s not a bright summer’s day. 

Water: The winter cold may not help remind you to drink enough water like a hot summer day, but it is just as important. Water will help keep your skin happy with you! It’s a thing for a reason.


Winter time is not the time to neglect your skin!


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