11 Reasons Why You're Not Where You Want to Be

Let’s talk a thing or two about progress - have you been working out consistently and eating better, but still not losing weight? It’s probably fair to say that we’ve all been there looking at the scale with a puzzled face and irritated attitude afterwards. The good news is that there could be a reason that will explain turn the puzzled face into a face of “ooooohhhhh”. Sometimes all you need is a little adjustment and sometimes you need a big adjustment. Remember though, that knowledge is power.

It all begins with a place to start and information to help you to reach your potential. It is here to help you set an intention for your progress. *mind blown* 


1. Improper Goal Setting 

It can be more than picking a goal and setting your mind to it. It’s about setting steps to get you there. Working for milestones with the bigger goal in mind is a great tool to making the goal achievable rather than a goal that stays a goal because you’re not helping yourself get there efficiently - ouch, we know that one hurt. 


2. You’re Not Eating Enough

Despite everything that diet culture and Hollywood has brainwashed us to believe, you need calories. Your body freaks out thinking that it may not get the nutrients it needs again. It goes into “starvation” mode and holds onto the fat that you’re trying to get rid of because it thinks it needs it to survive. 


3. Poor focus 

Macros, calories, that damn number on the scale… that’s what you’re paying attention. Reset focus and intention towards FEELING rather than a number. Macros and calories are important and matter. Not here to say to chuck up the deuces, but it’s not the primary focus. 


4. Lagging on the Cardio

Find your balance between cardio, weight training, boxing, Muay Thai, etc. There are various types of cardio and various ways to strength train. It’s all about finding the combo that works for you and your goals. 


5. Failure Mindset

Your mindset is that you’ve done this before and that you’re going to fail again because it’s never worked before. 


6. Drinking Calories

Calories are calories. Whether they’re in food or they are in a drink, they still count. 


7. Underlying Issue

It is more common than you would think that there is some sort of an underlying issue. It is your body’s way of trying to tell you that there is something to be dealt with here. It can range from thyroid issues, diabetes, reproductive organ problems, etc. Don’t wait. Go see your doctor to help you! 


8. Protein Game is Weak

How many people or posts on Instagram have you seen about protein shakes and bars will make you bulky? L-A-M-E. Yes, protein helps your muscles to grow some mass, but protein’s main function is to help our muscles repair and keep them healthy. The more muscle you have, get this… this more fat your body burns. Don’t let your protein game continue to be weak. Start to do some research about good protein sources for you that fit your needs and lifestyle. 


9. You’re Actually Building Muscle

Your body is going to go through some body composition changes as it begins to build muscle. This can lead to water retention and inflammation aka tricking you into thinking you’re not actually losing fat or building muscle. A little patience never hurt nobody!

The world has become a competition of who can function on the least amount of sleep. It’s a subconscious contest that we have blindly entered. Reminder: when we sleep, it’s the only time that our body is able to regenerate / build up energy for the next day. It’s also a time where your body gets the chance to repair. Prioritize a healthy sleep schedule and bedtime routine to keep you in check. It’s not actually cool to win the contest. 


11. Be Weary of Labels

Anything sugar, carb, gluten, soy free, etc., BE VERY CAREFUL about artificial sweeteners and substitutes. Sometimes the chemicals or replacements that are used in those items make the brain and body crave more. While looking at the label, if you can’t pronounce it, probably means you shouldn’t put it in your body. Also, be mindful about determining what your body should and shouldn’t have - consult your doc.


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