Why You Should Jump Rope

At first glance, jump rope as a daily workout may seem like an easy way to get some cardio in. Dusting off the old rope or investing in a new one could seem rather charming and fun with a hint of cardio. Little did you know that jumping rope would end up being a full-body workout that is set to work your cardiovascular system but also leave your arms, shoulders, back and core sore - sore would probably be an understatement. Think about it… a full body workout with one little piece of equipment. 


Harder than it looks 

Starting off with jumping is usually a combination of frustrating and sweaty. There’s nothing quite like jumping up and down constantly to remind you that you’re not where you want to be or that this childhood game is not quite what you remembered. You also may not be totally aware of how to use the space around you in terms of equipment, meaning leaving enough space to avoid hitting walls (just an example, not directing anything here). 


Invest in Gear

Don’t do yourself dirty and neglect the proper attire for jumping rope. You need to take your jump rope gear as seriously as you would any other workout. It’s no longer just an old childhood pastime. It is recommended to invest in a solid pair of cross trainer sneakers with solid ankle support and cushioning at the balls of your feet. Some people like to start off with a yoga mat to jump on to offer more support and help with working on the placement. Keep it real with yourself and make sure to wear athletic wear that makes you look and feel good. It is a good idea to think about pants that won’t slip or move around much as well as a high-quality sports-bra to help withstand the intense workout. 


Infinite Options

There are so many jump rope moves! You’ve got double unders, criss-cross, high knees, the list goes on. Having so many options keeps the challenge and fun coming. It also gives you the opportunity to train towards your knees and help you get used to the type of workout that is jumprope! 


Quick Workouts Pay OFF

If you work from home or in a cool office environment, jumprope could be a great way to get a workout and stress relief at the same time. Get moving with 2 to 3 short bursts of jump rope workouts for more. Dedicating those shorter time frames a couple times a day can help keep you accountable and mentally tough. 



No… we are not talking about fast food. Jump rope is an inexpensive tool that you can take with you anytime, anywhere. Maybe even leave it peeking out of your bag at work to keep the excitement and dedication up. After all, consistency is one of the top factors for any fitness battle or success. Turn a childhood memory into a new way of working out. Set yourself up for a win that’s portable. 



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