Why Athletes Use Plyometrics, And Why You Should Too

Have you ever seen someone at the gym skipping or jumping around and wondered, “How is that helping them get into shape?” Well, most likely they are using plyometrics to train for an upcoming competition or event. A majority of athletes use plyometrics to increase their endurance and coordination. You may have seen our trainer, Ron Casper, with our fight team using plyometrics to prepare them for their upcoming fights. Many strength and conditioning coaches utilize this type of training to teach powerful and explosive movements while focusing on coordination and speed. 
Plyometric exercises focus on the lengthening (eccentric) portion of muscle movement followed by a quick shortening or contraction. This type of movement increases power and force, and because these exercises are usually challenging and intense they are also great for fat burning. Jumping rope is a form of plyometrics which is why fighters use it to burn fat and gain stamina in order for them to last an entire fight. This type of quick movement strengthens the fast-twitch fibers in the muscles which maximizes muscle contraction at a fast pace which turns into increased power and speed. Building these smaller tendons will also aid in injury prevention, by putting a controlled stress on them it will improve overall elasticity of those fibers. 
If you are looking to try out this training method ask the front desk for a private session with Coach Ron and he will show you what all the hype is about! 
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