What to Expect From a Personal Trainer

What Services Can You Expect From A Personal Trainer?


There are so many reasons why having a personal trainer is a transformational experience for you and your goals - both mentally and physically. Having a personal trainer can be the decision that changes it all for you and impact so many areas of your life. In the pursuit of achieving health and fitness, having a coach by your side is an investment. 


What To Expect From A Personal Trainer

There is no denying that having a personal trainer is expensive, in turns of time and money. But if you find the personal trainer that is right for you, the ROI is priceless. A personal trainer is there to guide you through the process of making yourself better. A personal trainer should be profoundly knowledgable in how the body works, nutrition, designing workout plans that are realistic for your lifestyle, and how to bring the best out of you. 


Full Assessment 

When beginning personal training, you should expect a full assessment from your PT. This should include body fat measurements, flexibility, posture, mobility, anything health related, dietary restrictions, and your goals. Some personal trainers will be extra thorough and take measurements / photographs. 


The assessment is a great way to gather all of the facts so your personal trainer has all the information needed to design and structure programming for you that just makes sense. This can be a lot for a first session with a personal trainer as well as extremely vulnerable. But might as well get used to being in the uncomfortable zone from the start, right? 



This is definitely subject to change, but a personal trainer will be able to provide you with the foundation of food and healthy eating as a means for fueling the body. This isn’t a place for judgement or to tell you exactly what to eat - it is simply a learning experience tied to leveling up your goals. 


Goal Setting 

While this is part of the full assessment, you should expect that a personal trainer will help you define and set goals as well as set up a realistic / healthy way of getting there. You may think that you have a goal in mind, but realize that this goal actually doesn’t align with what you were thinking or it’s not what you think. 



You get a personal trainer because they have expertise in a specific area. A key to lasting change is learning. A personal trainer should always leave you with something new to take home after each session. This knowledge doesn’t always have to be about the body or a certain exercise. It can be something that is internal or towards a specific way of training. The type of learning experiences are endless. 



What To Expect In Your First Personal Training Session

Maybe you’ve thought about working with a personal trainer, but the thought of it gives you almost the same vibes as going to the dentist or the DMV. That’s okay! This could be completely related to nerves and simply, the unknown. Or you have a jaded version of what the first session with a personal trainer would actually be like. 


The biggest hurdle and expectation of the first PT session is yourself. It is confronting yourself with either nerves or excitement to putting your goals ahead of everything else. You can expect to be nervous about your first session, but your personal trainer probably feels the same. 



Your first PT session will probably require filling out some forms first, signing your lfe away (in the best way possible) and making sure that there is a common understanding of what you are about to do. 


Trainee Intake 

This is a combination of a full assessment, goal setting, and testing out some exercises or limitations. This is where the trainer gets to showcase their magic, just within a short window of you getting to know them. You will be able to get the most out of your first session if you are open about challenges, sleep quality, daily activities, work life, eating habits, and goals. 


Get Moving

Once an accurate intake has been taken and conversations have reached an ending point, with a motivated energy, it is time to do a mini workout to better understand current fitness level and if you vibe with the training style that your personal trainer provides. You will want to make sure to get your heartrate up and get a sweat going. This is your future with PT! 



How To Prepare For Your First Personal Training Session

A personal trainer’s main job to create a safe and effective program for you and your goals that is inherently unique. 


Honesty Hour 

A good way to prepare for your first personal training session is to dive into why you decided to take the leap of faith for training in the first place. It is time to get real and honest with yourself. It is a moment of great courage and growth. Set aside the time to get specific with your goals so you can prioritize them from the beginning. 


Gear Up

Come dressed in whatever is most comfortable for you to move in and whatever is necessary to keep you safe / feeling good. If you have a way of tracking your heartrate or calories, such as FitBit or Apple Watch, have that as well. Make sure your shoes match the rest of you - a workout in flip flops is very much so less than ideal. Bring a water bottle, towel, and consume a snack beforehand! 


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