Upgrade Your Lunch Break

Upgrade Your Lunch Break 


We have a feeling that if we asked how many times you have eaten lunch at a computer screen, pre-covid or not, that we would get a virtual handraise. First, it was about upgrading your coffee and now it’s about upgrading your lunch routine, because in or out of the office, lunch doesn’t have to be sustenance only. 


It May Sound Silly…

Now, just hear this out. When you go to a restaurant, there’s usually condiments on the table or within a close vicinity. Condiments are known as the “building blocks” of the culinary experience. It’s a good idea to keep staples around but also a few of those ones that make you go, “ooooooh”. A yummy sauce or type of oil can help add a little something to your sandwich, chicken, or even something as simple / quick as a mid-day treat. 


Schedule that phone call 

Remember when people used to just call each other instead of DM or FaceTime? Research has shown that some of these other forms of communication can be extremely draining because of the excessive contact / limited mobility. Plus, the amount of time that we spend looking at our own faces during those forms of contact. A way to enhance your lunch break is to have that scheduled phone call to help you feel recharged, more connected, and have a time frame allotted to the call so you don’t get sucked in for too long but allow the other person to also feel important. 



If you’re not one of those people who wakes up at 5 am for a run and full workout, get this. It’s okay! If you’re not one of those people who works all day, runs errands, and then works out  - get this. It’s okay, too! But you could be one of those people who takes 15-30 minutes to go for a walk and do some stretches (you’re boss won’t miss you that much). It is incredible how much a small 10 second stretch can change up the whole vibe of work / body. 


Drink Time

Latte, coffee, fancy type of water… the choice is yours. Taking the time to recreate a special little treat is totally underrated and quite easy to do. 


Someone Say Self Care?

The world of self-care has boomed into a $450 billion industry within the last year, but taking care of yourself / giving yourself some self care doesn’t necessarily have to equate to an hour long bubble bath with a special bath bomb. Your form of self-care could be as simple as scheduling those ten deep breaths, putting on that moisturizer while cleaning out all of your tabs, or focusing on a new recipe you’d like to try for the week. Self-care isn’t something that has to feel forced or be another stressor on your calendar. It is just something to enhance your mood over lunch and make an impact. 



Lunch time can be busy and it may be a time where you don’t want to expend a whole lot of energy. If you’re able to batch a good amount of food to just heat up, you get to enjoy the rewards of cooking good food and make sure to plate it in a fun way.


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