How to Track Progress

If you’re here because you’re looking for a way to keep track of all the hard work you’re putting into your fitness routine or for a little more accountability, that’s great! It’s one of the most vital pieces of a fitness routine and ways to make sure that you know you’re doing what works best for your body. If you’re going to put in the time and effort to invest in yourself, it is important to find a way to track your progress -- mentally and physically. 

Of course, as always, remember that you have to find a routine that works for you. These are some tips that we have curated together in hopes that you may find some tips that will help you continue to crush it and reap all the rewards!


Keep a “feel good” journal. 

It seems so simple, right? By keeping a workout journal, you are able to physically see your continuous workouts. Maybe one week just wasn’t your week and you can see that reflected in less reps or shorter workouts. Your intention for the next week was to make a comeback from that previous week -- you set two PRs (personal records) and found a new exercise that you really liked. Make sure to keep track of how you’re feeling rather than just the number on the scale. 


If you find that you’re continuously doing the same workouts or staying constant, then you know that it may be time to switch things up and challenge yourself. A workout journal can seem intimidating as it is all in front of you and there is no way to hide from it. If you allow for it to be a tool and a friend, it certainly can be. 


Take Pictures. 

When we say pictures, don’t take the kind of pictures that are “insta worthy” or a selfie. Take a Day 1 picture and pictures throughout your progress to help you see, as we can be our most harsh critics, that you are indeed making progress. It can be scary and daunting, we know. Sometimes we can get caught up in all of it that we don’t take note of how far we’ve come or how much farther we want to go.


It is key to make sure that pictures do not become a form of self-doubt or neglect. It is supposed to enhance your hard work. You are the one who spends the most time with yourself -- be nice. 

This is also a great way to see how your body composition changes rather than just a number on the scale. 


Test Yourself.

Give yourself some sort of a test every four to six weeks. Test your mile time, test your pull-up game, test the number of push ups (modified or regular) that you can crank out before failure, or that new stretch you have been focusing on a few times a week.


This is a great way to get specific while seeing overall progress and improvement. There is power and strength (mental and physical) that become a part of acknowledging that you were able to complete an exercise with better form, time, or comfort than a few weeks prior. 



There are plenty of great fitness and nutrition apps out there that are great to help you visualize and record your progress. It’s all up to personal preference. Remember, these apps were designed with helping people in mind! 

A quick Google search and you will have tons at your disposal! This is your progress, so you get to be as picky as you want when it comes to choosing an app.


Tracking can be intimidating, but it can also be extremely empowering -- the choice is yours.



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