3 Top Explosive Movements for Athletes

Being an athlete is more than just being strong. We all love a good deadlift, squat, bench press, but c’mon - we know to be a good athlete you also have to be explosive and able to move. Humans were never designed to move with such little focus on explosiveness. It’s all about redirecting and re-designing movements for athletes with proper intention. More ways to get strong? We’re about it. 


Pounce Jump Squat 

Head over to a landmine bar setup and begin in a goblet like position with hands near the chest holding the bar. Keep knees from bending too far over the toes, back straight and load hips behind the bar. Explode with a jump with as much force as you can. 


Medicine Ball Throw

Load up the medicine ball by bringing it above your head, aiming to throw above your head at a specific target while stepping forward with one foot. Think of Coach Roma saying, “power, power, power” during this throw. You have to give it all you got in those first couple of seconds. Focus on the power going into the throw rather than jerking your arms and shoulders out of place. 


Single-Arm Medicine Ball Throw

Think of a pitch during baseball. Begin with turning to the side. Match the arm that is going to throw the medicine ball with the leg on the same side. Bring the secondary leg slightly back about a foot to offset balance. As you throw, shift your body forward, remember to think of power without sacrificing form. You do not want to pop your shoulder out of place. 


These exercises may be tricky at first to feel out and understand how they are helping your body to gain strength through explosiveness and agility.




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