8 Tips for Organizing Your Closet

Some of us struggle more than others with organizing our closets. Some of us think, “but MAYBE.. Just MAYBE this will come back in style”, “but.. I paid so much for this”, “my ex from 5 years ago gave this to me”. Then there are others of us who can clean and purge to the point where it’s hard to even have a full set of basics. Well, as always fam, we’re here to help and give you some tips on how to organize your closet to help you streamline your routine and bring some more ease into your life because we know that it’s unrealistic that Marie Kondo will be able to come to all of our houses. 



It may seem rather elementary, but shirts go with shirts, pants go with pants, gym clothes with gym clothes, etc. That way, it’s all grouped and you won’t find yourself looking for a pair of pants in one section on Monday and a different section on Tuesday. This forces your brain to make connections about where everything is and makes your routine a more seamless process. Sound reasonable?



After grouping together different categories, it’s time to be realistic about what to keep and what to donate / sell. Odds are, if you haven’t worn in the last three months (besides seasonal reasons) you won’t wear it in the next three months. Keep that in mind. If you are still thinking about that item in the donating pile a day or two after, then maybe reconsider whether to re-add to the keep pile. It also might be a good idea to challenge yourself to actually wear it within the next couple of days to see how you feel. Make sure to donate or sell items sooner rather than later so they don’t get a new home in your house. 



If you’re able to have adjustable shelving around your tall boots vs. the other way around, make sure to take advantage of that. 



It may sound a little extra, but that’s okay. Uniformity is key - matching hangers all facing the same way, shoe boxes, storage containers will transform your closet visually and perhaps encourage more motivation to maintain its functionality and visual presentation. 



Design your closet layout like you would your apartment or house. Your “main living space” is where your everyday life (aka gym clothes for us) should live. The upper parts of closets can usually be used for storage to keep things that you don’t use frequently but still need along with memory boxes / momentos.



If you have a bit of a shopping problem, we suggest trying out the one-for-one rule. Every time you buy a new dress, new pair of leggings, new pair of shoes, you must donate an older dress, pair of leggings, or shoes. Get the idea?



There are tons of different folding techniques out there. We recommend googling them, checking out YouTube, Pinterest, or Insta for which ways will work best for your lifestyle and closet. 



Spring cleaning is something that in the winter we are still saying we need to do. JUST. DO. IT. You won’t regret it. 


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