Tips for BJJ Beginners

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to BJJ. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed. BJJ is a new world of technique, culture, class structure, and social dynamics. You will find yourself doing a lot of trial and error - fun, right? 



We bet you’ve heard a thousand times that consistency is key. Well *insert shrug here*. Figure out when training makes the most sense for you and your schedule. It is recommended to get 2-3 sessions in a week to make progress, but if you can only commit to one session per week then that’s what you have to give - just be realistic about what your BJJ progress may look like. 


2.Check your ego before hitting the mat

Your ego is not going to serve anyone while going through drills or any part of class. You are here to learn and even though running drills may feel tedious, it is in your best interest if you truly want to learn jiu jitsu. A common mistake for new beginners in BJJ is that they don’t know when to tap out. If you’re caught in a submission and can’t get out of it, it’s okay - TAP.  Letting ego control you will keep you off the mat for longer as this may result in a mental or physical injury.


3. Listen 

But actually, listen. Accept early on that you won’t understand everything right away. It’s okay to ask questions. Focus on truly listening to your teacher and applying it time and time again until it clicks. There is no doubt that BJJ can be intimidating, but you may find comfort the more you listen. This is the time to build your BJJ foundation. 


4. Practice skill

No need to rely solely on strength and momentum - use actual skill that you have been learning. Find ways to implement what you have been learning even if it doesn’t work the first time. That will be another lesson for you to take to the mat later or give you a follow up question that you need to ask. 


5. Wear a clean uniform

Gi or no Gi, don’t be that person in class. Make sure that you are wearing a clean uniform to class each time. Even if you are not a big sweater, rolling around on the ground will allow for you to pick up bacteria that you don’t want to keep on you or those around you. 


6. Know and Respect the Art

The first step is understanding what exactly it is that you’re getting into. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a grappling martial art. It is an art that requires discipline and respect. You will need to be on time, learn the class structure, wear appropriate attire, and acknowledge what BJJ can do for you. 



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