10 Minute Desk Stretch Routine

Whether you’re working from home at a desk or in the office, there’s a good chance that you’re hunching over all of your technology for a lot of the day. Not to mention, we hold a lot of our stress in places like our neck, shoulders, upper back, etc. So when work or life outside of the office (or home office), our bodies can really feel it in these places that we need. A packed Zoom calendar or looming deadlines can be tricky to navigate. And the stiffness and tightness is real and not the vibe we’re looking for. 


The good news is that you can be proactive and do some stretches to help address these issues. While the stretches are important to the body, it is also important to note that there are other things to pay attention to while doing this stretches such as breathing and mind. This type of mindful practice can be done at any time, any place but we recommend giving it a try for once you have logged off or left the office for the day. 


As an even more added bonus, some of these moves can be done seated. Make sure to remember that these moves are only recommendations and that you must listen to your body. You're body will thank you for this.


Neck Roll & Lateral Neck Stretch

You guessed it. Here we start by paying attention to the neck. 


-Begin by taking a moment to prepare yourself for the stretch. Then start by taking your chint to your chest, tiling one ear toward your shoulder and start to roll neck in one direction. Take FULL breaths for 3 and change direction. 


-Allow your head to come back to the center and drop the right ear toward your shoulder. Use your handle to guide your head down to feel a stretch along the left side of your neck. You can adjust by tilting your chin slightly up and down to feel the stretch in different parts of the neck. 


-Go for five breaths on each side. 


Side Bend

-Think tall and sit tall. Reach your fingertips down and your reach your left arm up and to the side. You will come into a lateral side body stretch. 


-Adjust the intensity by moving your right hand closer or further away from you. 


-Focus on length through the ribs as you stretch and take 3 deep breaths. 




Forward Fold 

-Stand up 


-Generously bend your knees and fold forward. Take a grab of the opposite elbows along a few deep breaths, while letting the neck and shoulders to relax. 


-Interlace your hands behind your back and reach your wrists overhead. If this is too uncomfy or difficult, take a towel. 


-Three deep breaths in, release, and switch the interlacing. We know this feels a little bit awkward, but hey, so is life. 


-Give the weight of your head the chance to open the chest and shoulders. 


-SLOWLY roll up to stand with knees still bent until you find yourself back to neutral. 


Seated Spinal Twist

-Take a seat, if you’re not already doing so. 


-Reach both arms up. Twist to the right (have your right hand go behind you) and left hand on your right knee. 


-Take 3 deep breaths. 


-Repeat on other side. 


While these may seem rather simple, the power of them are not to be underestimated. Try them out and see if they help you!


Here are some stretches you can do at home.



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