TBC Tip: How To Counter Rib Kicks With Coach Caine

Welcome to a new ongoing series of tips from some of your favorite TBC coaches. Today we have our Muay Thai coach, Caine, showing us how to effectively counter rib kicks.


Have you ever found yourself sparring and had difficulty countering kicks to the ribs? Coach Caine is here to make sure you that you have the tools you'll need to turn that situation to your advantage.

How to Counter Rib Kicks:

1. Initiate an under arm catch and hold the leg snug to your body.

2. With the leg trapped, you want to grab the top of the head, lean into it, and throw a knee to the body.

3. Immediately after throwing the knee, you want to make sure to get rid of that leg!

4. You'll notice that this could potentially leave your opponent off balance, leaving you open to turn the momentum towards them and land a strike or two of your own.

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