The Comeback: TBC Edition

We know that in years to come, there will be history books and podcasts galore about COVID-19 and being quarantined due to a pandemic in 2020. With that being said, we are wanting to stress the comeback that will also go down in history from TBC. 


TBC fam, we want to thank you. We couldn’t be more grateful or inspired by the love and support we have received during our time away from each other. All of our coaches and staff have been hard at work in training for this ultimate comeback. We have learned a lot about health, safety, cleanliness, and the incredible community at TBC. TBC has never been just a place - it’s an essential piece of our lives, a lifestyle, and a home. 


When we say that the health and well-being of our members and entire team is our top priority, we couldn’t be more serious. We want to remind you that some of the heightened protocols and procedures that we have in place are temporary and some will stay in place to keep TBC forever a safer place. 


We are excited to look back and say that when things were at their worst, we were at our best. We are always pushing and always striving for more. Expect this ultimate comeback to be filled with lots of care, love, intentionality, safety, and making sure to have fun. 


TBC fam, we’re calling on you to help us make this THE comeback story. Here are a list of our new procedures and ways that you can help us make sure that we’re #TBCstrong because as always, we know it’s worth fighting for.

Mandatory Temperature Checks:

All staff and members will be required to have their temperature checked prior to entering the club via touchless thermometers. They must register under 100.4 degrees to enter. Make sure to come ready for class early so that you have time to check in!

Modified Club Hours: 

All club hours will remain the same for the time being. However, all clubs will be CLOSED on Sundays for deep cleaning and sterilization of all equipment. We are heightening all cleaning processes and investing in specialized equipment to enhance our level of sterilization.


Physical Distancing: 

Physical distancing cues will be marked throughout the club and show which equipment is available for use. With physical distancing in mind we will be limiting class sizes for all fitness programs to follow the social distancing guidelines. Heavy bags and main floors will have markers for each class!


Rental Equipment for Guests Only:

Rental gloves and wraps will temporarily no longer be offered to current TBC members. Please be sure to bring your own or purchase your own at the front desk. This will help our cleaning staff and eliminate any unnecessary spread of germs.


Face Masks: 

Face masks and gloves will be worn by cleaning staff and select staff members. Face masks will be available and highly encouraged where not government-mandated.


Common Equipment Use: 

Please respect common equipment by wiping it down with our antibacterial wipes after use. Be mindful of each others space while in the cardio and free weight areas. Let's help everyone feel comfortable!


Towel Service and Locker Room Use: 

To minimize spread in locker rooms we will temporarily be closing saunas and towel service will be suspended. High-touch amenities will be removed to limit hand-to-hand contact. Showers will be available, so don't forget to bring your towel.


Plexiglass Barriers:

Plexiglass barriers have been installed around the front desk and cardio machines to allow staff and members to feel comfortable while being in closer quarters.


Club Usage: 

We will be limiting the capacity of our large group classes to comply with the state safety regulations, because of this we will temporarily be limiting members to one class per day and encourage a 90-minute max workout time. Group classes will be first come first serve, so make sure to come on time! We will also be temporarily adjusting all fitness and Power classes to 45 minutes to allow for proper disinfecting between classes.


Extra Sterilization and Sanitization of Equipment: 

We are heightening all cleaning processes and investing in specialized equipment to enhance our level of sterilization. Every Sunday we will be deep cleaning each club with special sprayers to coat all equipment to start the new week fresh.



Keep yourself and others safe by doing your part as a member of the TBC Fam. Wash your hands, stay home if you feel any symptoms of sickness, keep 6 ft away, and respect common equipment by wiping it down with our antibacterial wipes after use.


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