Social Media Break

We’ve been there - Facebooking, Instagramming, Snapchatting, Tweeting, texting, filming, basically anything with an “ing”.. every. single. day. 

Disconnecting or taking a break is… hard. Our brains have become wired to let our “phones eat first” and to “do it for the gram”. Not to mention, social media and having an online presence is a major and pertinent piece of many businesses and careers. 


There’s nothing wrong with the grind. In fact, we encourage the grind. But we also encourage taking a break every once in a while. It helps to get re-focused, re-inspired, and especially during trying times, clear your mental state. 


It might be extremely anxiety-provoking at first, but then you might surprise yourself. You might just find it kind of freeing or liberating. How about a double tap for that? 


With that, here’s a TBC strategy for ya:


1. Pick a time or day. 

We recommend starting off with picking a time frame to give yourself a social media break. Once you have graduated to going longer, pick a day to let go of social media. We recommend Sunday because there’s this unspoken rule about Sundays, ya know? 


2. Make the time or day yours.

If you don’t set the experience for your time block from social media, you will allow for your thoughts to be consumed by social media (STILL!). Get comfortable, light your favorite candles, clean, read, go wild. 


3.Keep phone or computer physically away from you.

Don’t tempt yourself with having your phone still in your pocket. Why do that to yourself? Put electronics in the other room and know you’ll get to have your watch on your wrist soon. 


4. Plan, plan, plan. 

We know that taking time away from social media can be detrimental to our jobs or businesses. A little planning never hurt nobody, huh? Plan out your posts and schedule them out in order to ease your mind and there’s truly nothing holding you back from taking a break. There are SO many apps for this. 


5. Keep it going. 

Don’t try this once and never come back to it. No half-assing - you’re better than that. Find the progress you make each time and how it impacts your relationship with social media!


Let us know how this goes for you!


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