Tips for Taking Sleep Seriously

It’s kind of funny when you think about it. Wellness trends seem to come and go, but finding a way to getting rejuvenating sleep has moved far beyond a fad stage and is full on ultra-movement stage. It’s not going away. People are always looking for ways to enhance their sleep quality, get to sleep faster, and make the most of their downtime. Have you ever taken the time look into your sleep routine and what that means? 


Look - we’re all for at least trying, right? 



First on the list is a good pair of sheets. A good night’s sleep goes along with good sheets. It seems like common sense, doesn’t it? But some of us can be quick to buy whatever is convenient rather than doing the research to find the sheets that help us sleep best. This is your sleep we’re talking about! If you can spend 22 minutes watching Friends, you can spend 22 minutes researching the right sheets for you.


Sleep Book

It would probably make sense to learn more about sleep if getting more of it is the main goal. Knowledge is power, knowledge is power! 


The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time

The knowledge doesn’t stop with one book. Arianna Huffington is on a sleep mission to help those sleep better and understand the vast importance of sleep. It’s the perfect go-to to read when you can’t sleep. 


Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have become all the rage for helping with sleeping disorders and anxiety. It’s definitely an inventive and different concept. Until you learn more about it, it would make sense to be skeptical about weighted blankets and to see if it’s worth investing in for yourself. Weighted blankets improve melatonin (sleep hormone) because they help improve serotonin. Serotonin is a game-changer for your body to create melatonin. 


Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers emit aromatherapy vapors throughout the room. The oil itself can help promote feelings of relaxation and tiredness. The vibe of an oil diffuser too is just relaxing. Lavender, anyone?


Insulated Blackout Curtains

Block out the light and sleep more soundly with blackout curtains. You’re so used to consuming any kind of light that you may have become more light-sensitive over time than you would ever think. 



Figure out the best set up for your day and your evening that makes it so you get to bed when you need to and how you want to. You can organize this in a journal, your phone, calendar, etc. It’s okay for different routines to not work out and remember that trying and tweaking things take time. You settle into routines, rather than switch right out of one into the next. 


The importance of sleep isn’t going away, so let’s sleep! 




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