Running into Fall

We sure have been in it - record highs in the middle of a pandemic. Now that the weather is starting to cool off (at least in the mornings), now is the time to take advantage of training outside. San Diego is one of the most beautiful places, let alone gyms! (*wink, wink). 


Running outside provides some great opportunities - you’ll probably be able to squeeze out longer runs, try different routes, set a different intention for this season, and just switch it up in general. Let’s be real, San Diego doesn’t get that cold in comparison to other places, but we get some nippy weather and we’re not necessarily brave when it comes to weather. 


But hey, we think you’re brave for hitting the pavement. 


First things first, get your mind right for running in the heat to cooler temperatures. Let your mind catch up with your body. Think about investing in some reflective gear and accessories that give you versatility and safety in one. 


Check your shoes

The hospitals are already full enough and you don’t want to go into the holiday season with an injury. Make sure to check the tread on your shoes and the level of support you have after your previous running. Older shoes may be worn down, making you more vulnerable to slipping or having inadequate support for the longer runs you can do in fall. 


Shorter Days

The days are shorter now, remember that. The darkness begins to loom before we’re done hitting send on that last email for the day. Some of our souls may have gotten darker throughout this quarantine, but banish black from your running closet. Increase your visibility with anything reflective, a headlamp (when it saves your life, you won’t be embarrassed), choose routes that are lit, and don’t let your headphones get too loud. 



Fall can have some pretty funky weather - some days it’s perfect for running and other days may require some gear. Layering is a must. Prepping for the unexpected and the expected at the same time. 



Cooler temperatures may allow for your body to register later that you’re thirsty. Always remember to stay hydrated even if you’re body isn’t directly asking you to. Cooler weather usually makes us feel like we aren’t actually thirsty, when in reality, your body will need it to go that extra mile (literally). 



Set an intention for your running goals this fall. This is your chance to take charge of your running programming and see what is realistic. Figure out how you can situate yourself for short and long term goals. 


Reward - treat yo self

That’s right - we said that. Treat *clap* your *clap* self *clap*. There is nothing quite like taking a warm shower after a long run in the fall, hopping under the blankets with a warm drink in hand. Reward yourself for pushing your body and getting 1% today. Oh, and don’t forget the candles - anything pumpkin, apples, cinnamon, fall-esque related.


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