TBC Reopening FAQs

We are offically reopening on September 14th!

Okay, okay - we want to make sure you roll into the club knowing all there is to know. 



1.What if I want my membership to remain frozen?

Please make sure you contact your primary gym location, contact information below, and fill out a freeze form by 9/10 (Freezes can take up to 5 days to process). 

Additional freezes will be subject to the terms and conditions of your membership. 

2. When will my membership resume normal billing?

All memberships will be re-activated on 9/14. You will be billed consistent with your previous bill date. 

2. Those previously billed between 7/1 and 7/14  

If you were billed during July, don't worry... while your membership and access to TBC's classes and facilities will resume on 9/14 you will not be billed until the following month since we owe you a credit from 7/15 - 7/31.

3. Can I access the club before 9/14?

Drop-ins for members are available! Call your primary gym location for more information.

4. What if I need to cancel?

Cancellations will be made according to your membership agreement. Please contact your location to fill out a cancellation form and process your cancel request.


5. What should I expect classes to be like?

Classes will be held indoors, consistent with the state's 10% capacity mandate, and outdoors to give the best possible class experience. All classes will observe proper social distancing, sanitization, and mask protocols. Masks do not need to be worn during class. 

6. Any regulations and policies I should know about? 

We have regulations and policies in place to help keep you safe - so please, be mindful & respectful of these. The main ones to note are: 

-Masks are to be worn at all times outside of physical activity

-Temperature checks

-Bring your own towel (shower access is available) 

-Sanitize equipment before and after use

-Closed on Sunday’s for deep cleaning


Class schedule will be available soon!


If you have any questions, please contact your location. 

UTC: (858)-622-1903. utc@theboxingclub.net

EV: (858)-366-7885, eastvillage@theboxingclub.net

KM: (858)-277-7029, kearnymesa@theboxingclub.net

Messages sent to info@theboxingclub.net in reply to this email may take longer to receive a response. For more a timely response, please contact your primary gym location! 



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