Productivity Hack: The Ivy Lee Method

Productivity Hack: Ivy Lee Method


A very simple choice that could end up making a very large difference in your life. Technology has made it possible for many of us to be able to work from home and especially during times like this, it really can be a saving grace. That being said, we know it’s easy to stay comfy in your pjs, netflix and chill while working, and using your bed as your new desk. Whether in quarantine or having the freedom to be out, working from remotely or in the office, it is always a good idea to improve productivity skills. For that reason, we introduce to you the Ivy Lee Method. 


The Ivy Lee Method can help you prep for all kinds of productivity from wedding planning, growing your business, or different aspects of your personal life. This method is usually done at night, but if it works better for you to do in the morning then, by all means, use some time in the morning to do this. 


The Ivy Lee Method for reaching peak productivity goes like this: 

1. At the end of each work day (or morning, if you’re an early bird), write down the six most important things that you need to accomplish tomorrow. DO NOT write more than six tasks (We mean it! If you said “yeah right”, you especially). 

2. Prioritize those six items in order of their TRUE importance. If there are two that go neck and neck in importance, play a game of rock, paper, scissors (just kidding!). This is a true test of prioritization. 

3. When begin work in the morning, start with the first task and do not go onto the second task until the first task is complete. Set the precedent for yourself. 

4. Approach the rest of the list in the same manner. Move any unfinished tasks at the end of the day to the top of your list for tomorrow. 

5. Repeat this process every day. 


This method is so simple that it works - you literally just need a paper & pen (or phone/computer. It’s 2020, duh). It helps to keep anxiety low and focus on high with keeping the number of tasks at six vs. twenty-six. You don’t need to worry about the amount of time spent figuring out what to do first. You can get right to it. It’ll also help you SINGLE task vs. multi-task. Multi-tasking has its benefits, but so does being able to focus on one task. The word balance can be taboo, but hopefully, it won’t always have to be. We know what it’s like to be completely obsessed with a goal, job, career, etc. But this may help to allow for both to happen. 



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