Successful Planner Planning Tips

We love a good planner, who doesn’t? Maybe those who don’t know how to use a planner properly. Here are some tips on how to properly plan your planner to make sure you’re getting the most out of it. 


Begin with the monthly view to put into perspective how you’re going to need to prioritize your weeks accordingly -- birthdays, big meetings, weekend getaways, etc. If you want to take it a step further, you can highlight or color code. Next step… you guessed it. Use the weekly view section of your planner to respond / match your monthly view. 


The way you set up your weekly view is really important. If your planner was designed a certain way, you’re allowed to customize it. Move into the daily view. MAJOR TIP:  add to-do lists for your personal life, professional life, school life, or anything in between. There’s nothing like checking off something on your to-do list and being able to refer back to it just in case something popped up. 


Your daily section can also include a priority or mindset of the day, goal for water, mapped out meals (nothing too extreme!), projects and what it is needed in order to complete those. Some people recommend some space for reflection after the day to give props to what went well and give an opportunity for growth on the things that didn’t go as well. 


Get specific. If you have to make a couple phone calls, try writing “call Derek at 1:30”, “call Taylor at 4” and “call mom at 6:15”. It will help you be more intentional than simply tasking yourself with “make phone calls”. 


Sync planner with phone. Time to get the calendar in your phone and your handy dandy planner on the same page. When you have something that it is critical that you don’t forget, make sure to put it in your phone so it can remind you. Using your phone is great because it allows for everything you have going on to be there when it is inconvenient for your physical planner to be out. It is also a great way to cross reference your schedule. If you have something written down in both places, there is a good chance that you’re meeting on Tuesday is at 2PM in the conference room. 


Time. Take the time to develop your own planning routine and formatting. It gets to be tailored to you. You’re the most uniquely qualified for what you’re doing in your life. Give that the attention it deserves.

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