5 Reasons You Should Get A Personal Trainer

Thinking about trying out a personal training session but unsure what that entails or what’s in store for you? Or maybe you’ve tried a session in the past and didn’t fully recognize or take advantage of all the amazing benefits? We are to help motivate you with some ironclad reasons why working with a personal trainer will elevate your fitness to a completely new level.


This one should come as no surprise to anyone, but it is important to touch on it because it is something that we all struggle to do ourselves. If you plan to go to the gym and skip it without a trainer, the only person to face is yourself. This may work for some, but it is nowhere near as effective as having a trainer to face. They will keep you focused on your goals and make sure you meet (or exceed) them by helping you develop a well thought out plan with clearly defined steps and milestones. Most importantly, of course, they will be that constant voice making sure you do not cut corners or falter along the way! You may even end up developing lifelong friendships with them like our member, Erika Devlin. "I have been working out with Caine for ten years now. I started working out with him after my first child, and it is hands down the only way to get in shape in your 30s and 40s. Caine is like a member of the family now. He is like my brother and I can't imagine going anywhere else."


This is the other side of the coin from accountability. It’s one thing to have someone calling you out when your miss a goal, but to have someone cheering you on along the way is something you just don’t get from going solo. Having a coach in your corner pushing you to train a little harder, perfect your footwork, or learn a new combination is invaluable whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional. A trainer will be a constant motivational force ensuring you stay focused and determined. Even a super focused member like Carleigh Karen gets extra motivation from working with a trainer. "I started personal training when I began training Muay Thai because I wanted to exceed to my maximum potential in the shortest amount of time. Now that I have taken personal training, I have seen my skill sets improve. It has also helped me grow closer to the coaches at the gym and develop a solid friendship group.”

Injury Prevention: 

We cannot stress the importance of this one enough! Being successful and safe in general fitness and the fight arts requires a clear understanding of proper form and technique. From proper footwork in boxing, safe groundwork in jiu-jitsu, to effective grappling in Muay Thai and having a solid squat technique, it should always be something you practice regardless of fitness level or acumen. Having a trained professional showing you the correct way to train will ensure that you make the most of your time in the gym or at the bag.

Confidence Building: 
This draws on the previous areas we mentioned because having a professional guiding you will make sure that you are accountable, motivated, and safe. This hallowed trinity will seep into your life in a few unexpected ways, most notably, in your confidence level. Not only will you feel so much better stepping into the ring or going to the gym, you will feel unstoppable at work and in life as well. Member Adam Monzon summed it up best: "I originally liked boxing because I used to wrestle and it gave me a similar outlet. One day Coach Calvin suggested that I try workshop classes to learn more technique because my cardio was already great from taking Power classes. After that, I started sparring and sparred with Coach Raul a few times and realized he was the perfect size to work with because he is similar height and weight as I am. Since starting my one-on-one sessions, my sparring has really improved."

This is a benefit that most people will not see right away. Truth be told, having a trainer show you different variations of exercises goes a long way in keeping things interesting and enjoyable. They will help you shake off the dust of your stale workout routines and show you unieu, fun ways to achieve the same goals. Feeling like you can spar with anyone, run faster, lift more, or grapple longer goes a long way in taking your training from mundane to magical.

We hope these benefits give you a little more insight into just how much more effective you can be with a personal trainer. It will add a whole new dimension to your fitness, and the benefits will stretch into almost every other aspect of your life. If you are STILL unsure, come try a complimentary session at TBC and see what it is all about. We would also love to hear from you on social media about the positive experiences you have had with personal training, so please let us know!

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