Create Your Morning Routine




Morning and routine: two words that together are not typically exciting to most people. But, we want to challenge that. Have you ever thought about the impact of your morning routine? Let’s remind ourselves now that a morning routine is very individualized and it is not something that we can create for you. However, we’re here for the morning routines that make a difference for the rest of your day. Oh, and let’s just have a disclaimer here: 


*DO YOU, BOO, But.. don’t start off the day with Instagram as the first thing you do*.


A strong morning routine is rooted in setting up the following parts of the day and highlighting that it is another opportunity to do the damn thing! Remember, some people include waking up at 5AM as part of their morning routine while others wake up later because they know that they can’t function at their best self that time. Some find that taking time to write or meditate makes all the difference while others couldn’t imagine utilizing that kind of time in the morning. Take ownership of your morning routine. 


Tim Ferris, entrepreneur, biohacker & best selling author says, “if you win the morning, you win the day”. Keep in mind that getting up early and having a specific routine that sparks your morning is not a prerequisite to success. Oh, and keep this in mind too. You don’t actually have to be a morning person. We only have so much ‘bandwith’ and willpower in a day. It’s the most important to figure out those levels and how you’re going to use them. Have you ever set out with great intention for a workout, new way of eating, or any other lifestyle change only to see it slowly slip away from your fingers after a few weeks or even a few days? You haven’t failed, by any means. And this may be why creating a morning routine can help you shape the rest of your day. 


Hal Elrod, author of The Miracle Morning”  advocates for a morning routine as it generates focus which then turns into productivity and success for the day. The whole premise is that you control your day rather than your day controlling you. Push yourself to find what works best for you - not what just works. When creating your morning routine, there are four categories to consider: mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional. Some of these categories may apply to you more than others or vice versa. Create your own, but always include a big glass of water. Just make sure to have an intentional foundation to go off of. We all operate differently, we have different circadian rhythms, preferences, productivity styles, priorities, etc. 

Take a look at Tony Robbins’ morning routine and Arriana Huffington’s routine. Yeah, it may be intimidating (or for some motivating) to look at these two ultra successful people and the weight they put on their morning routines. Go create what works for you.



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