How to Create a Mindful and Strong Training Routine

It is fair to say that we all want a balanced body that is more than chizzeled abs and sculpted arms. Along with focusing on creating physical strength, there is a massive importance on working on mental strength. If physical and mental strength can both be valued and of importance, the room for potential growth is substantially larger. Practicing mindfulness and exercise does not need to be for the elite or solely the pro athlete. Don’t forget your athlete when you’re setting yourself up for success in and out of the gym. The best part is that the prep you put into your gym training routine can positively impact your life in all categories. Mindfulness can sometimes get a bad rep or be associated with a specific demographic. Allow for this to be a chance to enhance your life with a profound understanding of what mindful exercise and training looks like. It is a way of learning how to listen and work with rather than against your mind / body. 


What is a mindful workout?

We’ve all been there - do anything and everything to keep yourself distracted during a workout. Life is short until you’re doing a plank, right? You try to think about what you’re having for dinner, all the things on your to-do list or watch the clock as it goes second by second. A mindful workout allows for you to reap the benefits of putting in that hard work and relieving stress at the same time. The best way to define a mindful workout is a state of awareness. Scratch the autopilot. It requires a different kind of mental understanding and efficiency. 


Tips to incorporate mindfulness into your exercise regime

We are the last ones to shy you away from jamming out to your music while putting in that work. It’s all about maintaining a certain level of focus. It sounds cliche, but there are massive benefits to honing in on being “in the moment” or learning what it means to be mindful. Mindfulness means different things for different people, but here are some general really good tips around mindfulness. 


Mindful Training with Intention

It is so common to see people head to the gym for weight loss reasons and hop on the treadmill - they dread it and you can see it. It is almost that we live in this altered universe that has ingrained losing weight to happen within that 30 minute-window on the treadmill. It’s human nature to need something to hold onto right now within those 30-minutes. So if it is thinking of fat dripping off of us, then what is it? By adding intention and purpose into the workout, there is something to hold onto and something to feel good about. This includes finishing the workout you prepared, strengthening specific muscles, challenging yourself, to workout for x time, or give reason to why you have planned this workout. For example, “I will work on sprints today to begin increasing my endurance each week”. 


Remember Why

Getting that jumpstart into a healthier lifestyle is definitely easier said than done. It can be difficult to keep the mind into check as a reminder as to why you started. On the opposite end, there are times when exercising can become so routine that remembering the why seems absent and nonexistent anymore. Take the time to reflect on the opportunity to train and to train mindfully. Some of these reasons can be for energy levels, increased productivity, feeling healthier, and quite frankly, just being a bad-ass. 



You dedicated a time from your schedule to focus on yourself. You can incorporate mindfulness into your fitness routine by sticking to the dedicated time you gave yourself and using it for what it’s meant for. Your Apple watch is tracking your session - this does not mean you use it to mindlessly scroll through IG or take another work call. It’s your time. Take the time to think about your posture, your form, your better. 



If you find your mind wandering during a workout, one of the best ways to curb the distraction is to bring it back to your breath. You are putting in work and that is what counts in that moment. Focusing on your breath can help remind you where to put your full attention. You’ll deal with the rest when it’s time to deal with the rest. Just breathe. 


Put phone on do not disturb

In today’s uber-connected world, it’s rare to find us able to just be. The worst is when you’re halfway through a set, going to finish off strong and your music stops. All of a sudden, you have to finish out that set with hearing your ringtone in the background vs. your workout playlist. Talk about messin’ with your vibes. 


Finish Strong

Whether you were able to max out, hit your cardio goal, or if it was one of those where everything seemed to make you say “the struggle is real”. Take yourself through a cool down and stretch. This is a great opportunity to let yourself zone out and feel the tired that you just put yourself through in order to put yourself first. You were mindful of your goals, your time, and your potential. That’s not something to be taken lightly. Take the time to reflect on what went well and what didn’t go so well during your workout. Pay attention to what pulled your focus and what helped you get back in it. Stay away from the tabs open on your phone and keep tabs open on the physical and mental state you’re in post workout. FINISH STRONG. 


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