Member Spotlight: Andrea Orvieto

On any given day, you can find our member, Andrea, at TBC almost as much as some of the employees. She joined The Boxing Club family in 2012 and, during her time here training in Muay Thai, has competed in four of TBC’s Fight Nights and 1 match in LA last month. After her last match in February, she immediately went back into training mode to prepare for another fight coming up in May of this year. Andrea is a constant source of motivation to her fellow members, and her dedication to the sport and hard work is unmatched!

When/Where is your upcoming fight?
It’s tentative right now given that I actually get a fight but, if I do get one, it will be on May 16th in LA at the Hollywood Park Casino.

What weight class are you looking to compete in?
115 pounds

What does your training schedule look like right now?
Right now, I’m working out Monday through Saturday with a rest day on Sunday. I’ll typically do one day with Caine and one day with Glenn each week, and I try to workout twice a day. Before I train, I’ll also go for a run. Other than that, I take classes and do bag work.

What are you eating on a typical day?
I eat a lot of protein. I have quinoa with eggs or chicken, a lot of vegetables, and lots of sweet potatoes. I don’t eat any processed foods or anything like that. I also eat a lot of avocados – they make everything taste better!

What do you do to prepare the weeks leading up to the fight?
I train really, really hard the weeks leading up to it. Whenever I do rounds on the bags, I’ll do 3 minute rounds even though I’m doing 2 minutes rounds during the fight. I also increase cardio and stop doing hard impact stuff like sparring so I don’t get injured and so I can keep all of that aggression inside.

What are your favorite ways to cross train?
I try to come to Yoga here when I can, but I mainly run. I’ll shoot for at least 3 miles and integrate lots of intervals. As I get closer to the competition, I’ll probably up that a little bit and do even more sprinting and hill repeats.

Good luck with your upcoming match, Andrea! We’ll be there cheering you on!

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