The Ultimate List Of Martial Arts Apparel

Wearing high-quality clothing can make all the difference when you’re training in a martial art. We’ve pulled together a list of our favourite martial arts clothing brands to help you decide who to turn to for comfortable and performance-boosting gear.


Diamond is a sporting equipment company that designs, manufactures, distributes and sells premium groin protective gear for high impact sports. They empower athletes to be at their best with maximum comfort and protection.

They solved the problem of protecting athletes from severe injuries with the first to market Compression Jock and Cup System. It holds its specially designed athletic cup completely in place without any shifting. The Diamond system eliminates vulnerability for the athlete even in the most extreme positions.

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Blitz is the UK's leading supplier of premium and approved Martial Arts and fitness equipment. Whether you’re new to a specific Martial Arts or an experienced professional, benefit from some of the most competitive Martial Art prices, special offers and facilities for all ages, abilities and disciplines. Wholesale accounts are also available for instructors, personal trainers, clubs, gyms, schools, Martial Arts equipment retailers and sports equipment distributors.

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Accountability is a cornerstone of the Throwdown mantra.  It allows us to take responsibility for our own lifestyle, past, present and future. It is up to us to choose greatness over mediocrity, success over failure, and the limits we will overcome to achieve it.  Surrounding ourselves with individuals who will help us obtain these goals is no accident.  Doing so creates a symbiotic relationship that pushes us forward and is based on respect for each other, those around us and our environment. In the end, it is the commitment engrained in us to live these virtues that maintains our focus and drives us to success.

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Datsusara creates high-quality gear for sports and travel. Datsusara features the use of hemp which is naturally strong, anti-microbial, breathable, and a sustainable resource.

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Bushido is a small team of martial arts enthusiasts dedicated to the combat community. Their motto - Traditional Roots, Authentic Pursuits, embodies an internal and external dedication - to make product that we love, and to respect the tradition of the art. Regardless of your style, we're here for you.

Bushido - martial arts enthusiasts



Headrush is a way of life. Dedication and passion is embedded in everything they do. They are your everyday crew, creating a clothing line that exudes pride, strength and grit. They are a unique brand that champions resilience in the face of any adversity, and the courage to live high-intensity experiences. Through the bloodline, there has been nothing but dedication and passion, which only translates to the products they produce. Their mission is to deliver clothes fuelled by confidence, attitude and strength.

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Named one of Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing companies in the United States, Akervall Technologies manufactures the SISU™ Mouth Guards. Akervall Technologies is committed to innovation through disruptive, cutting-edge technology that allows athletes to talk, breathe, and drink while shielded with ultimate dental protection. Akervall Technologies has developed the strongest, most comfortable mouthguards for athletes in all sports. The SISU™ Guards are custom, re-moldable, and can be fitted in minutes. SISU™ Mouthguards are made of a non-compressible thermoplastic polymer that is 30% stronger than conventional 4mm EVA mouthguard material. All SISU™ Guards are FDA cleared, and free of BPA, phthalates, PVC and latex.

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