Life Hack: Fast On Your Next Long Flight

Have big travel plans coming up? Make sure you fast on your flight. Here’s why: 


Reduce Jet-lag. As a way of coping with a long 12-hour flight often times we load up on snacks as a distraction tactic. On your next long flight skip the in-flight meals and terminal snacks, instead fast until you land to help avoid symptoms of jet-lag. The reason this helps with jet-lag is because it helps your biological clock reset easier with irregular meal times. This only helps if you fast for 14 hours or more. If your flight is only 8 hours long, fast for the 6 hours before take off to reach that 14 hour your mark.


It’s good for your health. When you purposely fast between 12-16 hours that is called intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting has been around for a long time but just recently gained mainstream popularity. Some of the benefits of intermittent fasting are weight-loss, reduced risk of diabetes and inflammation, and enhanced brain function. Many people add this to their regular routine to lose weight or keep weight off.


Aids in digestion. Another reason fasting is beneficial on flights is because some foods do not digest properly in high altitudes. Also at very high altitudes your digestive system basically shuts down, so when you land it has to go into overdrive which can cause fatigue. In addition many in-flight meals contain high amounts of salt to preserve flavor when heated up which can cause excessive bloat after landing. 


It can be challenging to refrain from eating for long periods of time, but just stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, turn on your in-flight movie, and catch some Zs. 




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