Reaching Your Fitness Goals (Even On Days You Don't Want To)


Since the pandemic interrupted daily living and habits, it’s been difficult for so many people to get back on track for a variety of reasons. It is also an even more interesting concept in relation to working out because many of us feel significantly better afterwards. 


*Now here is the problem*

As the study of fitness throughout 2020 and into 2021 has been researched, we are finding that when people exercise, they want to be happy and satisfied with their fitness. This can be hard to achieve with a difficult schedule or lack of access to equipment, etc. First things first, let’s all just admit that things have been less than ideal over the last year AND fitness doesn’t have to be one of the things that you dread. 


If you’re not a fan of tracking your mileage on your Apple Watch, then don’t. If you don’t believe in Zumba classes, then don’t go to them. There are really so many options for exercise and so many different opportunities for you to find a way that will make significant changes to your mental and physical health that don’t seem like an overall drag or dread of the earth. Also, shhhh…, just a little pro tip: it’s okay if you stick with one for awhile and decide to give something else a try. There are multiple ways of staying mentally and physically fit. 


Even On The Days You Don’t Want To… Learn to Love The Process. 

The best way to continue doing anything is to learn to love doing it and embody the why. It may seem rather foreign to love putting yourself through something grueling and sweaty. Or something that leaves you so sore that it hurts to walk the next day. You learn to love it for reasons that are significant to you. 


Find Specific Reasons That Make You Love It

-Fire playlists


-Gym clothes / athleisure


-Meeting people 



While one would hope to be able to physically feel progress, sometimes it brings it to a whole other level when you’re able to see progress. It’s tricky because typically the people around you are able to notice progress more quickly than you are. Weird to think about, huh? Pictures or looking at old workouts may be a great way of seeing actual strides made. Even if you’re not where you want to be, always remember that progress is progress. 


Sustainable Habit

More than a New Year’s resolution (not hate, though), adding to the learning to love the process is creating habits / building out your schedule. Truth is, motivation probably doesn’t have a whole lot to do with it and it’s more about discipline / dedication. When building out your schedule and creating these habits, ask yourself if this is long term or short term. Don’t cheat yourself - be real. 


Reading and taking in this knowledge won’t change your life totally in this moment. There is no finish line to fitness, especially on the days where you just don’t want to. Remember that even the fittest people on Earth have days that they don’t want to train. But remember to take care of that body.


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