How to Pick Your Gym Bag

Okay, so similarly speaking to everything else we’ve been learning through this interesting year, there has been time and opportunity to re-evaluate how we were doing things before. We’ve been learning that all the little things add up to be the big things. One of the most powerful and important things to surface from the current pandemic is a renewed dedication to working out and health. A powerful and important way to keep yourself accountable to that renewed dedication is to invest in a gym bag you love as well as a gym bag organizational process! 


We know - gym bag organizational process sounds like a mouthful and a lot of work. The beauty in it is that it doesn’t have to be. It will actually be more work without one. You’re the one who will have to zip and unzip this bag throughout the week, so we’ll just leave you with that for now. 



Alright - first thing’s first - choose the damn thing. From crossbodies, backpacks, and duffels, there are so many to choose from. We suggest figuring out what are the top 3 priorities for your gym bag first. 


There are some people that find a versatile bag to be a non-negotiable. A bag that can go from the gym to the office or from the gym to a socially distanced weekend or a bag that can basically go with you anywhere. Some people are all about functionality, perks such as being water resistant or having a designated pocket for your gym shoes. 



Let’s be real - the whole single-use thing is so 2019 and pre-pandemic. Sustainability doesn’t have to be a politically charged vendetta, rather just something that sort’ve makes sense. You work out to get better and be better, right? Find a reusable bag to store dirty clothes in for that post workout vibe rather than single-use plastic bags. Water bottle with its own spot. Deodorant and some sort of good smelling something (perfume, cologne, body spray, etc) to help you smell amazing after a shower or if you need a quick freshen up on the go. Being prepared won’t fail you. It is also a good idea to keep an extra pair of EVERYTHING (from underwear to pants) and towel. Oh, and don’t forget sanitizer for your hands and YOUR electronics. Read more about gym bag essentials here.



-Reusable bag / water bottle

-Deodorant / spray




-CHARGED headphones



Whether it means meal prepping snacks the day before or making sure you have something shelf-stable in your bag / car - have a snack handy in case you didn’t get the proper fuel before your workout or if you need something immediately post workout. Try to stick to whole foods rather than anything processed. Keep it light. No need to go overboard, but just to show your body some love by giving it the support it needs to do its thing. We don’t want to see a bag overflowing protein powder that decided to explode before you even had the chance to make a quick shake. 



As many of us know, common sense is not always common sense these days. Or sometimes, with everything going on, things slip our minds. We’re all guilty of it. Reminder when picking out a gym bag that you stay aware of the size of the lockers so your bag can actually fit. Pay attention to the types of fabric and make sure they are in alignment with what you need. Price range - some gyms bags are outrageously priced and some you simply just get what you pay for. 


It’s cheesy, but we can’t wait for you to find the right gym bag for you and how to keep it all organized. Just another reason for us to never take exercise or the gym again.


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