How to Host A Virtual Dinner Party

How to Host a Virtual Dinner Party


It’s about how you bring people together when they’re apart.


Connection is at the heart of people (most of them) and something many of us are yearning for right now. Dinner parties can still happen and should still happen! 


What’s on the menu:

So glad you asked -- let’s chat about food first. People have a lot going on and at a dinner party (even virtual), you’re going to have all levels of chefs in the virtual room. Keep the menu accessible, meaning something that has a sense of comfort, health, and easy additions or substitutions can be made for dietary reasons. 

Share recipes with guests beforehand. 


What’s on the drinking menu:

Have fun with it! Make recommendations or go along with a theme. If you’re wanting to stick to individual staples that everyone loves, maybe give them some fun names to switch it up. 



Keep it easy, keep it simple, keep it YOU. 


The Guest List: 

It’s so awesome being able to get people together in some capacity right now and maybe get to include some that wouldn’t normally be able to make it. Try to be mindful of time zones as that will complicate things. Also, trying to keep things smaller and more intimate will help with the pace, any potential technology issues, and actually allow for time to spend time together virtually. 


Talking Menu: 

Get some fun questions or prompts ready to get the conversation flowing and because it’s just well.. Fun. 


-What is your favorite gift you’ve given?

-What product from an infomercial would you most likely own?

-If you could stop doing one chore, what would it be?

-If you could have personally witnessed one historical event, what would it be?


It may not be your usual dinner party, but it’s still something you put energy into, scheduled on your calendar, and shared some laughs!



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