How to Clean and Sanitize Gym Equipment

Whether this is for your home-gym or if you’re at TBC, knowing how to properly clean and sanitize gym equipment is crucial. Even if you’re the only one using your home-gym, it’s important to still know how to sanitize your equipment regularly. There are germs that are lurking on your resistance bands, weights, cardio equipment, yoga mat, handwraps, etc. Don’t be fooled - you must do both, clean AND sanitize. 


Grab a disinfecting spray and a microfiber cloth to get started. 

1.Make sure to unplug any machines that are connected to a power source. 

2.Dampen a microfiber cloth with your disinfecting spray.

3.Wipe down the equipment in its entirety, repeating if needed.

4.Use a separate microfiber cloth to dry the equipment. 


Be mindful of the types of cleaning products that you are using. Make sure that each product has at least 70% alcohol to kill germs, it is still in proper code, and that you do not mix any two random solutions together. One solution may be a fantastic cleaning tool, but mixed with another solution can be counterproductive and actually more harmful to the effectiveness of your cleaning process. Make sure to clean and disinfect places you wouldn’t usually think of, like your hamper. 


Dumbbells & Kettlebells

Because we hold dumbbells and kettlebells for extended periods of time in the palms of our hands, it is extra important to clean every inch. Heavily dampen a microfiber cloth with disinfecting spray or use disinfecting wipes to get the entire surface of the weight. Let the solution sit for a few minutes and then grab another microfiber cloth to dry. 


Resistance Bands

Depending on if you have fabric or rubber/latex resistance bands, your cleaning routine for them will look a little different. If you have fabric resistance bands, throw them into the washing machine on a cold water and gentle setting. When they’re done washing, lay them out to air dry. 


If you have rubber or latex resistance bands, rinse the bands in hot water and pat dry. Then, wipe down the band with disinfecting spray and let the solution set for a few minutes. Rinse again in hot water and dry with a cloth. 



All of our staff is trained on how to properly clean the gym, but you can help enhance the experience for yourself and the rest of the TBC fam when we re-open. Please wash your hands after entering the gym and before using any equipment. We will have ample sanitization stations that we ask you to use to wipe down your equipment before and after use. We want to make sure that our gym etiquette really includes looking after each other and doing our part to make TBC better. Please bring your own towel to help prevent the spread of sweat and germs. This will help us to clean and then disinfect all of our equipment for the safest use. 



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