How To Become An Early Riser



With summer on it's way in and winter heading out, your social calendar is about to fill up with all kinds of post daylight savings outings. During the colder months it was easy to turn down after work happy hour, head to the gym in the evening, and finish your day with a hot shower and a Netflix night cuddled up in bed. But with the sun now setting past 7:00pm things are about to change. Beach bonfires, rooftop dinners, and dancing with the sounds of waves crashing in the distance are about to test your will power and potentially ruin your rigid workout routine. Time to become and early riser. 


How to go from dusk to dawn: 

1. Set your alarm, and move it far far away. Force yourself to get up and out of bed to turn off your alarm and immediately start getting ready for the gym before your brain realizes what is happening.

2. Don't rationalize with yourself. You are not going to ditch a sunset boat ride tonight and workout instead. Come back to reality and go workout.

3. Make waking up early a reward and treat yourself. Now that you are up as a reward treat yourself to your favorite coffee shop or make yourself and awesome breakfast. 

4. Enjoy being the early bird. The gym is usually deserted in the morning, so enjoy the solitude and get in a focused workout. 

5. Obviously the last tip is go to sleep earlier. This is a given, but also the step most people ignore.

If you are really struggling with waking up early it is important to start small. Start by only waking up 10-20 minutes earlier than normal and go from there. Just like in fitness small improvements produce long and lasting results.



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