Quick History of the Burpee

You may dread the burpee and we don’t blame you. BUT.. there’s something to be said for this insanely effective exercise that has become a fitness staple. The potentially cruel and unusual punishment that is the burpee had a beginning -- ever curious as to what that may be? *QUICK:* How do you picture the person who invented the burpee? 


In 1939, Royal Huddleston Burpee was completing his PhD in Applied physiology. Royal served as the executive director at the New York YMCA and was searching for a simple way to quickly measure the fitness level of new members - something that was considered rather uncommon at this time. By the time Burpee published his thesis, the U.S. had entered World War II. The burpee made its big time debut when the military began to incorporate the burpee into fitness testing. When the burpee was invented, it was never intended to be used in high volumes like in fitness testing or how we typically see burpees incorporated into workouts today. The burpee was also originally a four-step exercise: squat down and put both hands on the floor in front of you, pop feet back into a plank position, 


The burpee is known to burn fat, build endurance, and strengthen the entire body without any equipment. It is definitely part of modern fitness vocabulary and here are some suggestions for you on how to bring more burpee into your life. You’re welcome. Make sure to think of Royal Huddleston Burpee -- he wanted you to test your limits and be as fit as you can be. 


Happy burpee-ing!


1.Complete as many burpees as possible

2.Complete 100 burpees 

3.1 minute of burpees with a 30 second break for 5 sets



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