Healthy Food Trends of 2020

2019 was the year of the plant-based scene exploding and trendy oak milk lattes became the new craze. So… what does that mean for snacking (healthy snacking, that is) for 2020? It seems like the predicted healthy snack trends of 2020 are packed with purpose, filled with more fiber, focused on getting cholesterol levels down, more environmentally sustainable than ever before, and aim to help regulate sleep schedules. 


We know that cauliflower can usually be hit or miss for some people, but cauliflower a low-carb and rice substitute. Cauliflower mac n cheese, anyone? One word: YES. According to Grubhub’s “Taste of 2019”, cauliflower pizza was the most ordered food of the year. 



This beautiful purple sweet potato is all the rage for 2020 as it tastes as good as it looks. It has a sweeter taste than its orange counterpart and is filled with healthy carbs, vitamins, fiber, and extra high-levels of antioxidants. Ube can be used in savory dishes but is predominantly used to help with that sweet tooth fix. Also, it’s totally insta worthy. 


Even more plant-based, but not plant-exclusive.

Impossible burger, Beyond Meat, and Gardein have crushed the 2019 plant-based scene. Not to mention the influx of vegan protein powders and drinks that helped those who are vegan or trying to be. The Whole Foods Trend Report claims mung bean, hempseed, pumpkin, avocado, watermelon seeds, and golden chlorella will be the protein and amino acid sources of 2020. The plant-based approach isn’t just for the vegetarian or vegan. It’s a way to identify the type of food or snack, rather than a person. This makes it more user-friendly for all types of eaters. 


Insert (nut or seed) butter:

Nut and seed butters have filled our shelves recently with no plan of stopped in 2020. Just think a little safer for the environment and perhaps a seed that you never thought you’d end up spreading on your toast. 



Now, you might be thinking… mocktail? Well, that’s no fun. *Enter zero-proof drinks*. This trend has made Yelp’s 2020 Trend Forecast and is there to help those who are on the no-booze train for a variety of reasons. Healthy doesn’t have to mean that fun isn’t allowed.



At the beginning of 2019, CBD may have not even been on your radar. Now, it’s everywhere. It’s in our lotions, skincare products, and all types of food. And it is here to stay. As we continue to learn more about its benefits, the more we are wanting to find creative ways to incorporate CBD into our daily lives for a variety of reasons. 


Natural sweeteners:

And when we say natural sweeteners, we mean ACTUAL natural sweeteners. As a consumer, it has been tough to really figure out what’s in your food and what the labels actually mean. In 2020, there will be more on clean labels and deciphering between what’s real and what is not. The big prediction for 2020 will be syrup-like reductions from fruits to be used in cooking, baking, and to give that little something to your next meal. 


Food doesn’t have to be the enemy, perhaps it’s just misunderstood. May your eating in 2020 be intentional and delicious.


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