Healthy Eating in Quarantine


While many things are beyond our control right now, the way we eat is something that is definitely within our control (whether we want to admit it or not). We get it - we are not discounting comfort food, all of the snacking, and letting yourself simply just enjoy. However, at a time where our health is always in question, well-balanced meals (for the most part) should also be included in your new quarantine routine. 


Snack and comfort food sales are on the up-swing right now, just like the jokes about “quarantine 15” too. We get it - it’s no surprise as to why. Put together stress, anxiety, and boredom… BOOM. It’s the perfect recipe for going down that unhealthy eating slippery slope right into the bag full of potato chips that will be done by the time you’re done watching that new show you just started binging (this is not a personal attack, we swear!). 


Let your wallet rest a little bit and chill out with ordering Postmates at least once a day. It’s a time where we’ve all stocked up on the essentials but many of us have also forgotten essentially what it means to have a real meal. We’re even going so far as to say bring back meal prepping even if you’re not going anywhere or if you never got into the habit prior to COVID-19. 


It might be difficult to shift from the COVID-19 mindset, but we ask that you challenge yourself to do this just like you would getting through a power boxing class


Stock your fridge strategically! 

-Frozen and canned veggies / fruits

-Canned soups that aren’t super creamy or sodium heavy -tomato, lentil, and split pea are good options.

-Whole wheat pasta (MAKE YOUR OWN COMFORT FOOD!). 

-Frozen meals (take a look at the ingredients on the back. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, odds are you shouldn’t be eating it).


Stay out of the bag:

Portion control still exists in quarantine. We don’t recommend trying to work from home or receiving the newest updates on COVID-19 with a Costco-sized bag of anything (maybe once because life’s short) BUT do not make this a quarantine norm. 



-Allow yourself one treat a day. This is nothing new. Keep yourself happy, healthy, and sane. That chocolate-y snack won’t jeopardize it all. 


Let us know what your favorite health hacks, tips, and recipes during quarantine have been!



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