The Female Fitness Influencers From San Diego You Should Be Following

The female fitness influencers from San Diego you should be following. 

Looking for some extra inspiration, we have curated a list of the top female fitness influencers in San Diego that will help keep you motivated. 

Arielle Berneman

@sweatinsd / Arielle Berneman- This East Coast blogger babe has made San Diego her home by sweating her way through the city. From class reviews to beauty tips she has everything you need to keep your fitness routine fresh and fun! 

Kelsie Michelle Coaching

@kelsiemichelle / Kelsie Michelle Coaching- This blonde bombshell believes in strong femininity. From working with fitness competitors to people just looking to get in shape she puts strength at the forefront of her training methods. 

Janelle Lynnae

@janelle_lynnae / Janelle Lynnae- Looking for realness and authenticity? Janelle is your girl. She breaks down the Instagram vs. reality smoke screen and focuses on not just the physical part of health but also the mental. (You can also catch her at The Boxing Club getting her workout in!) 

Lauren Fisher

@laurenfisher / Lauren Fisher-  Growing up strong was the only option for this 6x Crossfit Games athlete. With the mentality that anything is possible at any age, she inspires people to start their fitness journey wherever they are in life and go for it full force! Also have you seen those abs?!

Lexi DeYoung

@lexi_deyoung / Lexi DeYoung- This body competitor and fitness guru has not let her diabetes diagnosis stop her from building her best body and inspiring others to do so also! Gratitude and positivity is what she emphasizes to her followers and she won’t let you forget it. 

Katie B

@katiebhappyy / Katie B- Empowered is an understatement. Katie has taken her passion for yoga to the next level by inspiring her fitness enthusiasts with weekly mantras to live by. Yoga is her method but spreading love to the community is definitely her mantra. 




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