Fall Fitness

Fit Girl Fall

Swimsuit season and “hot girl summer” may be over, but that doesn’t mean its lose-track-of-progress season either. It’s time to get cozy with blankets and pumpkin spice, but also time to balance that out with some fit fall tips. 


1.Park & Trail workouts 

That fall foliage, though! The weather has started to cool down, making all of those trail runs and park workouts more feasible. Workouts with a view… can’t get much better than that (maybe something pumpkin spice flavored post-workout). In San Diego, we recommend you take your HIIT workout to Tecolote Shores Parcourse at Mission Bay, UCSD Eucalyptus Trail, Torrey Pines State Reserve, or Perrier Parcourse at Morley Field.   


2. Pumpkin workouts – aka medicine ball or kettlebell 

No, we don’t mean grab an actual pumpkin and use that in your actual workout. Might not be the best idea, but we aren’t totally against it either. Full send on the fall vibes, yeah? Either way, grab your medicine ball / kettlebell / pumpkin and get creative with your workouts. Squats, V-Ups, Thrusters, Shoulder Press, you name it. Secondly, we recommend adding pumpkin into your meals – low in calories and rich in antioxidants and vitamins


3. Set realistic goals and expectations 

Just a few months until the new year. Evaluate how far you’ve come since 2018 and what goals are realistic for you to crush rolling into 2020. Progress is progress, no matter how small. A goal setting tip: get specific, find a way to measure that goal, ask yourself if it’s realistic, and give it a time frame. Remember, this time frame can be adjusted but providing a time structure can make goals more easily attainable. 


4. Stock up on in-season produce 

Apples, figs, cauliflower, grapes, pumpkin, cranberries, pears, sweet potatoes, and squash are all great this time of year. Don’t miss out on those vibrant flavors that will add the perfect touch to any meal. Who is ready to go apple picking? 


5. Netflix (work out) + chill

The cozy weather can sometimes make it a challenge to get into the gym. That’s okay! Your living room can do. Press play on your current show that you’re binge-watching and use what’s around you. You might not know this, but squats during commercials are actually more effective. Okay, maybe not… but maybe they’ll make the commercials go by more quickly. 



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